8 Brilliant Answers to "What's for Dinner"

Take the pressure out of every kid's favourite 4pm question, and get ideas for easy family meals they'll love.



  1. "Taco soup"
    Pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home and turn it into something your kids will hope is on the menu every night. Topping-heavy taco soup takes easy family meals to the next level—along with your parenting, as you wonder what you ever made for dinner before!


  1. "Two options - take it or leave it"

Bust out your best Dad jokes and get creative with your comebacks.  Lightening the mood a little is a good way to turn this pressure-cooker question into fun and family bonding, and stops you from blurting out "delivery food" in desperation. Bonus points if your answer buys you some extra time to figure out what you're really having, like, "Haggis. Go Google it.'


  1. "Salad pizza"

This genius kid-friendly dinner idea sounds like an oxymoron, and is just intriguing enough to tempt those suspicious of salad into a heaping helping of greens.  Try a Caesar Salad Pizza, Mediterranean Salad Pizza or this quick weeknight version with your own favourite salad ingredients.


  1. "Broccoli that will blow your mind"

Love it or hate it, this broccoli recipe is the game-changer you need to turn your meat-and-three-vege into something they request again and again.


  1. "Sushi bowls"
    Whether it's the novelty factor, the fun-sized vegetable shapes, or drowning everything in a lake of soy sauce, many kids love sushi. While sushi rolls are skill-heavy and time intensive to make, sushi bowls are a quick, easy way to get some guilt-free delivery food flavour—and you need surprisingly few special ingredients. Check out this sushi bowl inspiration and adjust to meet the likes and dislikes around your table.


  1. "What are you hoping for?"
    "What's for dinner" is a loaded question...hidden inside its innocent delivery are all your child's hopes and dreams for the evening meal. Instead of feeling harassed by the question, speak to the core of why it was asked—while for you the evening meal is yet another thankless task, to them it is something to look forward to at the end of a long day. While their answer may not be on the menu that night, you can incorporate it somewhere else in the week so they feel heard (saving future-you having to come up with a future-meal too.)


  1. "Look on the fridge under Thursday..."
    Bahahaha! We joke, but meal planning does actually work... for a while...that while being, 'while you are still excited and the novelty hasn't yet worn off your Martha-Stewart-makeover'. If meal planning works for you long-term you probably don't need our help!  If you want to try out meal planning, post the week's meals on the fridge where everyone can see it to eliminate the question "what's for dinner" entirely—the ultimate win.


  1. "The Food Company"

It has to be said, our super easy family meals make it super easy to answer this age-old question!  Delivery food never tasted so good and we work hard to serve up meals your family will look forward to, without the mess and stress.  Stock the freezer with the family favourites to have an emergency stash of meals ready to go anytime someone wonders "what's for dinner".


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