5 Healthy Reasons to Eat with the Seasons

1. You get the cream of the crop
Seasonal produce is the freshest, most delicious, and highly nutritious available.
Picked at the peak of the season and often distributed locally, your produce retains
its optimum flavour and nutritional benefits from harvest to your table. Naturally and
fully ripened food is a total treat for your taste buds and your body...you'll never go

2. It's the easy way to get five plus a day
Variety is the spice of life...and the foundation of a healthy diet. When you eat
seasonally you are exposed to a much wider variety of foods, and therefore a much
wider variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Year-round availability relies
on importing, meaning your produce is picked before it reaches it's peak, travels long
distances, and is often chemically treated to extend it&'s life, affecting both taste and
nutritional value. As well as increasing your wellness, seasonal eating expands your
palate—let's get experimental with that curious-looking vegetable we've been
missing out on!

3. Nature knows best
When cold and flu seasons hits us, so does an abundance of citrus fruits high in
immune-supporting Vitamin C, while winter root vegetables provide sustenance to
comfort us against the cold. Summer's stunning selection of stone fruits are higher in
beta-carotenes and other carotenoids that protect against sun damage, and their
fructose content fuels us with extra energy for longer, more active days. Nature
knows what we need each season, and blesses us with a bounty of it.

4. It's better for your budget
Health is about the whole person, and no matter what your financial situation, the
more you save the better you are able to look after yourself. Food is cheapest
bought at the peak of its supply, when it costs the least to produce. By eating
seasonally, you reap the benefits of economic efficiencies that filter down the whole
supply chain, and so do the growers, distributors and food production companies like
us...meaning cost to the end customer is as low as it can be.

5. You'll hug a tree...or a broccoli
Environmentally aware food production is a complex equation, but one of the simpler
solutions is to make friends with the sun, rain and soil conditions naturally available
at certain times of the year instead of fighting with them. It's kinder to the earth, more
economically efficient, and creates a more sustainable future. There is nothing more
important to long-term good health than caring for our planet...healthy earth, healthy

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