Our Food

Delivery food has never tasted so good
Have healthy, freshly prepared foods on the table in a jiffy. Your 5-minute
week night dinners are here.
The Food Company is passionate about good food and good health. Too
many Kiwis sacrifice freshness, flavour and nutrition for busy modern life,
when those things are just what they need to make it through the day.
Enter your fresh food box delivery service. It's delivery food so good you'll
think you made it from scratch, with all the goodness you need to stay happy,
healthy, and away from the takeaways.
Fresh, seasonal ingredients
Eating with the seasons is great for your body and great for the planet. We
offer a new menu quarterly to make the most of the freshest local produce,
and deliver just what you feel like eating as the seasons change.
Wholesome, homestyle cooking
Our healthy meals pack a flavour punch! All your family favourites are given a
fresh healthy update, without sacrificing the flavours you crave. Even picky
kids will lick their plates clean...not that you had to worry about the dishes
Happy, healthy you
Good food is vital for living a good life. Nurture your family and yourself with
Kiwi comfort food bursting with taste and nutrition. Gain more energy to get
things done and feel better every day.
Ready for healthy delivery food that tastes like you made it from scratch?