Our Story

Real food for real Kiwis

Food plays a major role in each of our lives. We've always been food people, but we haven't always eaten well.

The Food Company was born because—even with a background in fitness and nutrition—we found ourselves sitting in the drive-though lane too many nights a week, with a car load of hungry kids and not enough hours left in the day. 

Like most Kiwi families, we knew we needed to eat better. What we didn't know was where to find the time and energy to plan, shop for and cook those healthy meals, as well as keep up with busy modern family life.

Most busy families we talked with struggle to cook and eat healthy meals every night.  As work/life balance has declined, so has the health of New Zealanders. We are all living the myth of quote doing it all quote, while being secret frequent flyers at the drive-through.

Meals should cure the day's stress, not cause it. Modern life requires
a modern meal solution.  Fresh, well-portioned, and ready when you are, The Food Company combines expert nutrition with vibrant flavour to deliver kiwi home style cuisine you can't wait to tuck into! 

Our customers and families have never been happier or healthier. Join us!

Ray, Dana and the boys.