8 Week Challenge Meal Pack

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Subscribe for 8 or 10 weeks or keep it ongoing for as long as you want!

Save up to $100 cash!  Use the code: freeship and we will delivery all your meals each week for free!

Can I make changes to my meals or pause my subscription if I'm away?
You sure can! Select and change your meals up to 72 hours before your next delivery date!  Going away on holiday or for work?  no problem pause your subscription and reactivate it when you get back!  

Can I cancel my subscription?
Like any weight loss or fitness challenge you want to be committed or why even start it!  We will help with cancellations based on compassionate grounds but it is a big 'NO' for quitters.  If you would like to cancel before your 8 weeks is up there is a $150 administration cancellation fee which terms you automatically agree to once you pay for your first weeks delivery!  If choose to go longer than 8 weeks you can cancel anytime for free!