Set Meal Plan (Female)

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If you can’t be bothered choosing your meals, then we will do it for you!  We select the 10 meals you select the weeks you want them delivered, 4 or 8! 

These meals are smaller portions designed for those foodies looking to tone up, lose weight & watch there calorie intake.

10 meals will automatically be delivered for next 4 or 8 weeks!

(Change your selection of Fit and Fresh meals) If you are not happy with the selection of meals we have selected, before your next delivery flick us an email and we can make those changes easy!  Please give 4 working days notice before your scheduled delivery day.

(I will be away or circumstances change) No Problem! You can select ‘Skip’ in your subscription letting us know you won’t be home that week.  Also you can cancel your subscription at any time and there are no penalty fees! 

(If you have any specific allergies to certain foods please email us on after you place your order and we can certainly accommodate)

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