Copy of 8 Week Challenge 6 Meal Pack

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What is the 8 week challenge meal plan?
It is a 8 Week meal subscription, containing 6 meals which are delivered to your door every week.  The 8 Week meal plan is also set up for any Gyms & Personal Trainers who would like to monitor their clients food intake.

Can I make changes to my meals?
Yes!  But only if you have allergies which you should notify us straight away.  Every week your meal selection automatically rotated by our professional chefs so you dont get bored of the same thing.

What meals do I get?
Your meals are a selection of the healthiest meals in our menu.  The average calories is between 400-500 per meal.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Like any weight loss or fitness challenge you want to be committed or why even start it!  We will help with cancellations based on compassionate grounds but it is a big 'NO' for quitters.  If you would like to cancel before your 8 weeks is up there is a $150 administration cancellation fee which terms you automatically agree to once you pay for your first weeks delivery!