Spaghetti Bolognese

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"Spag bol", a household dish that has graced the dinner tables of kiwis since ages ago. Known fondly by it's Italian originators as 'ragù alla bolognese', this simple combination of lean ground beef in our house made tomato pasta sauce, on fresh cooked spaghetti, topped with bechamel sauce and grated cheese, accompanied by a side of charred broccoli is set to stir up your own fond memories.

Ingredients: Beef mince, pasta sauce (Tomatoes, capsicum, tomato paste, paprika, sugar, mixed herbs, cumin, garlic, onion, olive oil), mushrooms, bechamel sauce(contains wheat, egg, milk product)(wheat flour, milk, cheese, egg yolk, vegetable oil, seasoning), spaghetti (contains egg, gluten)(durum wheat semolina, egg, water), grated cheese, broccoli.

 Contains: Gluten, egg, dairy products