TFC Chicken Nibbles

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TFC chicken nibbles are lightly spiced and containing more flavour than you would expect from a healthy option that’s GF also. Served with a low carb rice made from broccoli and cauliflower with a side of oven baked carrots and celery accompanied with out tartare sauce to cool it down a little makes this your next summer favourite dish. 

Ingredients:  Chicken nibbles on the bone(40%), naughty sauce(17%)(chilli,sharacha sauce,tomatos,garlic,roasted red peppers,tomato relish,vinegar,veg stock powder),broccoli(8%),cauliflower(8%),celery(6%),carrot(6%),tartare sauce(11%)(whole eggs, vinegar, canola oil, gherkins, whole grain mustard , seasoning), salt,pepper

Allergies: Egg

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