TRAY of TFC Chicken Nibbles

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More Chicken, More Chicken, More Chicken Please!

500g Tray of delicious TFC Chicken Nibbles only!!!  The perfect entree or side plate for two, mix with a home made salad?  We will leave it up to your imagination to enjoy these succulent nibbles at home, work or on the run! 

TFC chicken nibbles are lightly spiced containing more flavour than you would expect from a pre-made meal. These juicy chicken nibbles are accompanied with our own Food Company dressing sauce!    

Heat Rating 4/10

Chicken nibbles on the bone(90%), naughty sauce (chilli, sriracha, tomatoes, garlic, roasted red peppers, tomato relish, vinegar, veg stock powder), TFC dressing(egg Yolk, vinegar, canola oil, gherkins, whole grain mustard , seasoning).  

Contains: Egg


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